Monthly Specials

 Filipino Special | Dinuguan

Our Filipino special of the month is an adventurous one and is a staple dish in the Philippines that features garlic, onion, ginger, bay leaves, vinegar, salt, pepper, pork butt, stewed in pork blood and is topped off with a banana pepper.

Sushi Special | Vacay Roll

The Vacay Roll features 8 pieces with the rice on the outside with white tuna, lettuce, spicy mayo, and broccoli tempura on the inside. To finish it off we sprinkle it with black sesame seeds on top.

Drink Special | Sun-Kissed Sangria

Our drink special for the month is the Sun-Kissed Sangria. It has white zin, Bacardi razz, triple sec, with a dash of pineapple juice, poured into a hurricane glass and topped off with sprite and sour.