OCTOber Specials

Filipino Special | Spicy Battered Shrimp

The Spicy Battered Shrimp features 10 tempura battered shrimp, marinated in oyster sauce, fresh ground pepper, and egg and is then deep fried in peanut oil.

The shrimp is then sautéed in butter, ginger, chili sauce, soy sauce, and Thai Chili Peppers and served with freshly steamed broccoli. It’s time to warm up with this spicy dish!

Sushi Special | Spicy Crunch Roll

This eight piece roll has rice on the inside with Spicy Mayo, Cream Cheese, Imitation Crab, Spicy Onion Tempura, and then topped off with Sriracha. This roll definitely packs a punch with it’s spicy and crunchy combination!

Drink Special | E.B. Punch

The EB Punch features grenadine, Jim Beam Bourbon, Orange Juice, and is garnished with an orange slice and cherry.