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Bundók Roll | August Sushi Special

Everything has a story...and the story behind our mountain-like sushi special comes from the Filipino (tagalog) word Bundók, which translates to mountain.

Fun fact: Americans have adopted the expression Boondocks which refers to a remote rural area, aka, somewhere in the middle of nowhere!

Here is our sushi special of the month for August, the Bundók Roll! It features 8 pieces with cucumber and cream cheese with rice on the inside. It is then topped like a mountain with spicy salmon, green onions, and tempura flakes! Warning, it's super delicious!



August Specials

Yanet talks about our new August Specials at Manila Resto!

What's new at Manila Resto for August? We have the Manila Bay Runner, the Beach Roll, and the Crunchy Pork Bicol Express! Enjoy these specials all month long! #DowntownOshkosh #PinoyFood #Sushi #DrinkSpecials #TeamManila



May 2017 Specials

We've got some great new specials for you for the month of May! Check out the video below for some more info from our very own, Christi!