Welcome to our new and improved website! We are always looking for ways to improve your experience with us. This new site will be a one-stop, convenient place to see what is happening at Manila Resto.


Our menu section has been updated to easily explore through categorized tabs. Each item features a description of the item and the price. Perhaps you are new to our restaurant or trying to find a tasty take-out order. Either way, you can be sure you are ordering just what you like. 

The Manila Story

Something that has always been very important at Manila Resto is sharing our culture. Marlo and Patricia would love to share their story and how this beautiful place came to be. Both of the owners are very active in the Manila Resto community. It is so easy to strike up an interesting conversation with either of them. Just as we want you to know their story, we want to hear yours. So please stop by and converse with us - we would love to listen!


The news section was created to include YOU - our community. We are excited that we are able to host and connect with so many members of Oshkosh and many other places around the world. Many people come through our doors that inspire us. We would like to share that inspiration. This may include stories from our community to live music to updates about our life.


"We bring you LIVE music" - an important aspect to our culture at Manila Resto is the inclusion of our community. We are excited to offer a calendar that will feature the happenings at our restaurant. Be on the lookout for music, events, and other special occasions under our new events tab!


This simple tab will tell you all of our information and how to find us. We also understand that lives are busy. You can also make a reservation by phone or email, whichever is more convenient for you, under the location tab.